2019 International Book Fair Invitation

Dear parents,

Reading untranslated classics will not only obtain an unique reading experience but will also help rouse the interest in English and improve English language level. That is why we will host the 2019 International Book Fair at Xinhua Academy.You will discover that your trip to the fair will be well rewarded. The book fair to be organized is to provide students with a good variety of affordable and high quality of books which will increase your appetite for reading for sure. The fair will start on the 6th Nov and readers can buy any books you like during the fair. Students at Xinhua are encouraged to write down book names and then decide whether to buy after discussing with you. Alternatively you can give money to your children who will select appropriate books in the event when you cannot attend. We of course expect your family attendance so that you can help your children to select the most suitable books. Kindergarten students will choose their favorite books by the help of you and their teachers.

We are looking forward to your attendance.



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