Curriculum Concept


Xinhua Academy education is based on the highest values of Chinese, American and international institutions to provide a uniquely high standard of education. Students are introduced to the diligent, meticulous methods of Chinese traditional values, as well as encompassing the student in the project based, kinesthetic learning techniques of American schools. Also using the ideologies of international ideals, students are equipped for critical thinking, inventiveness, and a cultural diversity which will lead the international school module.



Xinhua teachers are passionate about learning, rigorous in their standards, and inspirational in their methods. They are respectful listeners, attentive caregivers, interrogative thinkers, compassionate mentors, native language and culture ambassadors and world-minded citizens.



Xinhua Academy emphasizes learning for life. We are building a community of life-long learners. We educate not only academically, but also teach personal skills, such as how to be confident, interact socially with other people, and understand emotions. We also provide students with a well-rounded education that builds healthy minds and bodies.



    We offer small classes so every child receives individual attention. Teachers can pay more attention to each student and their problems, and propose solutionsto the problems to help them grow better.


    Exploring the horizontal connection of teaching between different disciplines by building a three-dimensional teaching platform. Fully mobilize multi disciplinary knowledge, multi-angle,multi-faceted comprehensive analysis to solve problems. It help students build a three-dimensional, comprehensive knowledge system, comprehensive analysis and problem solving.


    Through expert surveys of students, parents and teachers, the school constantly rethinks the problems of curriculum reform and establishes a diversified and multi-dimensional scientific evaluation system.


    The perfect tutor system is an important part of the Xinhua education concept. The school provides professional instructors to guide and solve problems in student life, study and life planning.

15-year Educational Process

Xinhua Academy's 15-year progression from early childhood to high school is designed to help students obtain a high-quality international and bilingual education that will ensure a seamless transition to overseas study in the future.



Xinhua Academy combines the national curriculum with the framework of the highly respected International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). Xinhua Academy is a candidate for the Primary Years Program (PYP) and will be permitted to use IB principles and resources during candidacy. Our international high school will deliver an American high school curriculum from 2019 to 2022, and expects to add the IB Diploma Programme (DP) for grades 11-12 beginning in 2022. In addition, our school will have Associated Board Royal School of Music (ABRSM) music curriculum and our own special Extra-Curricular Program (ECP).


IBO(the International Baccalaureate Organization) developed international curriculum

The IB program was designed by the IBO (the International Baccalaureate Organization). IB offers an education for students from age 3 to 19, developing intelligence, emotion, individual development and social abilities that focus on how to obtain the learning, working, and living skills. IB is known as “the mature international education for all-around development”, and there are thousands of schools globally in hundreds of countries around the world.

IBO's educational purpose is education for life, and it advocates internationalism and understanding and respect of different cultures。IB is devoted to cultivate inquired, knowledgeable and humanistic youth who become the positive life-long learner, well-rounded developing person and responsible citizen. The IB program consists of three parts, including:

  • PYP
    3-11 years old

  • MYP
    11-16 years old

  • DP
    16-19 years old

Cambridge English Courses

The Cambridge English Course has hundreds of history , combining the experience with knowledge by cambridge assessment department and Cambridge University Press. It provides an unique way for english teaching, studying and assessment.

Cambridge English benefits from the international outcome and devotes to achieve an outstanding education that provides the best learning opportunities for students and teachers. Also, students can learn the necessary skills in daily life so that they can develop their language skills and overall qualities.

English as an Additional Language

Xinhua Academy offers support for English learners in our kindergarten, primary, middle school, and high school programs. Xinhua Academy follows the Six Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners in making our daily decisions. These are: 1) know your learners, 2) create conditions for language learning, 3) design high-quality language lessons, 4) adapt lesson delivery as needed, 5) monitor and assess language development, and 6) engage and collaborate within a community of practice.

We promote additive bilingualism which means students continue to build proficiency in their first language while adding new and meaningful experiences in the English Language.

To ensure that our students are continuously learning both Chinese and English, Xinhua’s international integration classrooms are co-taught by Chinese and foreign teachers. These partners work together in co-planning, co-teaching, and co-assessing students so no one is left behind and each student feels challenged and valued. By having two professional teachers in the classroom, we systematically follow Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) strategies. Through this model, students develop confidence as they communicate by building on their own background knowledge and strengths.

ECP Courses

  • Arts and Entertainment

    ·Minority language workshop·Chinese painting and calligraphy

    ·Dramatic performance·Concept Artist·ABRSM

    ·Dance(Dance tranditonnelle,Ballet,Ballroom )

  • Academy and Science

    ·Maker center·Aeromodellings robot· Pragmatica

    ·C++ junior programming·LEGO robot course·Science & Craft

  • SPG

    ·Fencing·Taekwondo·Squash·Basketball· Football

    ·Volleyball · Badminton·Swimming·Golf and so on

  • Public Benefit

    ·Diy Handicrafts·Drone photography

    ·Han Chinese clothing culture· My first hiking



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