Admission Procedure

Application Process

Fill in the Application Form → Student Interview (written examination) → Parents Interview → Offer Admission Certificate → Pay Deposit → Pay the Remaining Tuition Fees and Sign Admission Agreement → Full Admission.

Application process Rules

1 Submit the "Application Form": Parents may apply online (please visit our website), or go to our admission office and collect the physical "Application Form". Complete the form and turn it in to our Admission Officer.

2 Applicants and their parents are required to attend our interview. After you have submitted your application form and paid the application fee, we will contact you in person or by phone to confirm the time. Please note that we will only contact the applicant after the application fee has been paid.

3 If the applicant has any expertise or special talents, please note them clearly in the application form. You can also provide us with samples of the work or send us a video or audio (please note that we will not give back the what the applicant have submitted).

4 After the interview, we will notify the results of admission within three days and issue the admission letter.

5 Please sign the "Admission Agreement" within 7 working days, when the applicant has been notified of the decision. The reservation fee is 10000 CNY. The remaining tuition fees should be paid in July. When paying the tuition fee, be sure to note the student's name, birthday, applying grade, and parents’ contact information.

6 Admission Materials:

6.1 Kindergarten Admission Materials:Copy of payment receipt, copy of Hukou (copy of valid identification of parents and children, if the applicant is from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan or foreign countries), 4 two-inch photos, admission application form, original copy of vaccination certificate, health examination form (From triple-A hospital or health care center).

6.2 Primary School, Middle School and American High School Admission Materials:Copy of payment receipt, copy of Hukou (copy of valid identification of parents and children, if the applicant is from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan or foreign countries), 4 two-inch photos, transcripts for the past 2 years (first grade students don’t have to provide, second grade students only provide one year transcript, and high school students must provide high school entrance examination transcript), application form, a copy of vaccination certificate (only for first grade students). Students who transfer to our school need to provide his/her original school registration certificate.

Application Requirements and Deadlines

In order to guarantee consideration of applications, applicants must finish all the application steps before the deadline.

(1) Limited seats, best candidates only.

(2) We need to interview new students’ parents and only accept parents who recognize the values of our school.

(3) Students who enrolled this year should be interviewed or have examination. The transferring students must sit for our examination.

(4) Students admitted to our school must provide medical reports from hospitals at or above the district level.

Other policies

(1) Study Support:Our Xinhua Academy will provide additional support to students who are highly gifted or have learning difficulties. We will make a study plan according to students’ needs, providing convenience, conduct ongoing case management, and assist in communication between outside professionals and schools, families and teachers. If students need learning support, please indicate this in the admission form.

(2) Scholarships:We hope to find the best applicants. We award partial Creation Scholarships to students who enter Xinhua Academy in our first year of operation and other scholarships to directly offset part of the tuition fees. Please check "Xinhua Academy Scholarship and Bursary System”for more details.

(3) Reservation Fee:After receiving the Admission Letter,parents should submit the signed admission agreement and pay 10,000 CNY for bilingual class and 20,000 CNY for international class as reservation fee, otherwise we may transfer to other outstanding students on the waiting list. The remaining tuition fee should be paid by July.

(4) Overdue Application:All application materials should be submitted by the deadline. If the application is not submitted by the deadline, we reserve the right to transfer the vacancy to other students on our waiting list.

(5) Extension Admission:Admission results are valid only in the current year and cannot be automatically transferred to the next year.If the admitted student has some special reasons to postpone admission (the extension period does not exceed 3 months), the applicant needs to make a written application that must be approved by Principal.

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