1、Q: How to apply to Xinhua Academy?

A: Fill in the Application Form → Student Interview (written examination) → Parents Interview → Offer Letter of Acceptance → Pay Reservation Fee → Pay the remaining tuition and sign admission agreement → Full Admission.

2、Q: May parents visit the school? Are there any school events that applicant can join to learn more about Xinhua Academy?

A: We welcome parents to visit our school and join our admission events. You can also call us for more information. Our admission office phone number 0551-65586888.

3、Q: Does Xinhua Academy offer school bus service?

A: Xinhua Academy school bus is available from several key locations around Hefei with an additional fee. For more information, please consult our admission office.

4、Q: Do children need to take part in admission tests?

A: We hope that our students can grow up well through Xinhua Academy’s courses. Our admission is selective, and we will make decisions according to previous transcripts, academic records, tests and other assessment procedure.

The main language in some classes, especially middle school and high school, is English. Therefore, in order to ensure that our students can get support, we will evaluate the English level of students who are not native English speakers.

Children who are under 7 do not have to be assessed but we need to communicate with their parents. We will explain the procedure to the parents of the students who are preparing to apply.

5、Q: Will Xinhua Academy accept students who transfer in the middle of the semester?

A: Yes, we do if there are vacancies for the appropriate level.

6、Q: Is there an application fee?

A: Xinhua Academy will charge a reservation fee to ensure a vacancy. The reservation fee will be deducted from the tuition fee.

7、Q: What is the curriculum like in Xinhua Academy?

A: Xinhua Academy will have a special focus on students’ training in fine arts and sports. Our primary school and middle school curriculum consists of the National Curriculum + international curriculum + school-based curriculum (ECP) + Special Development Curriculum. The high school curriculum is based on international and American teaching standards.

8、Q: Do students wear a school uniform?

A: Students are required to wear Xinhua Academy school uniforms on campus. We have different uniforms for different seasons. Students should dress according to the season.

9、Q: How are student residences at Xinhua Academy? Anything else needed to be prepared to live in the dormitory? How will the students take care of themselves in the dormitory?

A: Kindergarten students will not live on campus. Primary students may choose to live on campus. Middle school students and American High School students are required to stay in the residence hall.

Four students will share one room. Air conditioning, individual washroom (washing and showering), 24-hour hot water, and double sink are available in each room.

Boarding students supply a basin, a thermos bottle, soap, shampoo, washing powder, bath towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, pajamas, necessary clothes, and other personal items. Sheets, bedding and a quilt are offered, but students provide their own pillows. Laundry and hot water are available on each floor.

Students may wash their clothes by hand or use a washing machine for free. At the beginning of the boarding experience, teachers will help students learn life skills and be familiar with residence life. Students will take turns to be on duty in their dorms and will be evaluated weekly. Pupils from lower grades will get essential help in managing residential living from their teachers.

10、Q: Can students transfer to another school? May parents get a refund?

A: Yes. Our students will have the same registration system like other schools in Hefei. More details can be found in refund rules of our school.


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