Art and Sports Centre


The Arts and Sports Center includes 27 function rooms, classical style concert hall, four seasons constant temperature swimming pool, fencing hall,squash room, musical instrument room, dance room, STEAM classroom, ART classroom. It’s like being in a mini-Olympicsor a mini-art festival.


Xinhua Academy combines the national curriculum and international curriculum and integrates STEAM course and Mak-er creator concept. Besides, AMRSM and swimming are required classes. We require students to choose to learn one of the music instruments and learn how to swim. Xinhua Academy is gradually develop ECP school-based curriculum which mainly includes art, sport and scientific inquiry practice, supplemented by Orff’s music education system, drama and other internationally recognized high-quality resources. It also provides a variety of club activities to ensure that children’s spare time is equally interesting and enriching.

Here in Xinhua, our school is an international stage educating your children to be elegant young ladies and gentlemen!

Wise Xinhua

Outstanding children must have wise soul. Scientific inquiry practice is the children’s home court. Drone photography, Lego, programming, simulation robots. Not only that, but also STEAM, creator, sumulation of the United Nations, speech debates. Every student is a small seed of wisdom, which takes root and sprouts and thrives in Xinhua.

Colorful Xinhua

Western musical instruments, national musical instruments, drama,fencing, swimming, basketball, tennis,ballet, ACG(art, calligraphy, drawing) In the combination of sports and art, find the pleasure of growth.

International Xinhua

Diversified, international and national exchanges, competitions and performance build international Xinhua.


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