Chen Dong

Chen Dong (General Counsel)

Mr. Chen was born in August of 1957 in Hefei, Anhui Province. He has had a long and illustrious career, most recently as the Principal of Hefei No.1 Middle School from 2001 to 2018. He was also a senior English teacher. He has served as deputy director of 13th, 14th and 15th Standing Committee of Hefei Municipal People's Congress. In April 2017, he was appointed as counsellor of Anhui Provincial People's Government.

Mr. Chen is a former member of the Main Committee of Hefei Jiusan Society Commission, the Standing Committee of Anhui Jiusan Society Council, and the Jiusan Society Central Committee. He has also been a Supervisor of Anhui Provincial Education Department, Hefei Education Supervision, and President of Hefei Middle School English Teaching and Research Association. He also was Vice Chairman of 10th Hefei CPPCC National Committee and 9th, 10th Anhui CPPCC Standing Committee.

Li Jianmin

Li Jianmin (Honorary Head of School)

Our Head of School, enjoys Special Government Allowance,and is honored with the titles of Master Teacher, Famous Head of School of Guangdong Province, and Famous Head of School of China.

He is the former head of Henan Experimental High School, the former head of English School attached to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, and the Executive Vice President of Student-based Learning Association. Guang Ming Daily, China Education Daily and other news media have interviewed him.

Qin Xinchun

Qin Xinchun (Head of School)

Master Teacher, Executive Director of National Middle School Education Commission of the Hubei Province.

Qin Xinchun, a member of the Communist Party of China, has a master's degree in educational management. He has been the principal of many schools, such as Wei Ming Education Group, Hailiang Education Group and Yajule Education Group, and has many years of experience in the management of international schools in first-tier cities.

Kerri-Anne Nolan

Kerri-Anne Nolan (Foreign Head of School)

Kerri-Anne Nolan is the former Middle School Principal of Country Day School, an American school in Costa Rica. She has successfully coordinated the United States based accreditation process for three international schools and organized international conferences to develop youth leadership. She has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Instruction and Curriculum from University of Florida, Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership from Framingham State University, Master of Arts degree in Latin American Studies from University of Florida, and Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from East Carolina University.

Principal  Brendan Wen

Principal  Brendan Wen (Principal of International Integration Department)

Former Nanjing Foreign Language School Huai’an Campus Principal of International Department Master of Criminal Psychology of Columbia University Practice Professor at Stanford University Former Senior Psychometric Analysis Specialist of ETS, Senior Psychometric Expert and International Education Researcher of College Board Well versed in international curriculum integration and cultivate dozens of Ivy League graduates.


Zhang Ning

Zhang Ning (Principal of Bilingual Department)

Zhang Ning has a Bachelor Degree of School Management from Northeast Normal University with twenty-six years experience in education. He used to be the Learning Director of Hefei Lu An Road Primary School and the Vice Principal of the Huai He Road No. 3 Primary School. He won the first prize in National Teaching Evaluation and was honored as the Advanced Individual in National Curriculum Reform. He was awarded the reputation of master teacher at the provincial, municipal and district levels. He serves as a member of the Primary School Mathematics Teaching Council. He is the chief expert teacher in the "Excellent Teachers" program and the expert teacher for Primary and Secondary Teacher Development.

Li Xia

Li Xia (Principal of Kindergarten)

Li Xia majored in preschool education at Northeast Normal University and has been engaged in preschool education for nearly 20 years. She is the former principal of a large preschool education group in Hefei. She is also committed to the practice of innovative teaching concepts and methods. Li Xia has founded several international large-scale kindergartens and has rich experience in early childhood education management. She is a kind and reflective educator.

Wan Yi

Wan Yi (Principal of Kindergarten)

Wan Yi graduated from the East China Normal University with a major in preschool education and has the qualification of senior kindergarten principal. She has many years of experience in kindergarten management of famous international schools and more than fourteen years of experience in front-line teaching, teacher training and textbook development.She has edited or co-edited several English textbooks published by Wenhui Press.

Wu Jingjing

Wu Jingjing (Vice Principal of Administration Department)

Wu Jingjing has a Bachelors degree from China Conservatory of Music and is accredited in the international Orff Element Music teaching method. Years of international school administrative experience contribute to her understanding of cultural differences and cross-cultural management models. She is involved in research and innovation of arts and sports activities, and fully committed to helping students reach their full potential.



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