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Today, the demand for international talent is becoming more and more urgent. Therefore, looking into the future, we are starting Xinhua Academy with a global vision now. We are committed to cultivating outstanding citizens of the future world for this new era.

What does good education mean? In my opinion, good education respects individual differences, satisfies the needs of children growing at different developmental stages, lets students discover their potential and use their strengths, stimulates interest in different growth experiences, and lets people determine their future goals.

Xinhua Academy has the confidence to help our students be successful in various academic areas, while nourishing social skills and human qualities. At Xinhua Academy, students will be able to cope with any challenge in any environment. They will know who they are in the process of learning and living, and find inner meaning. Our school will allow students to find their own strengths through applied effort, enjoy the beauty of scientific exploration, pursue the power of humanity, appreciate the beauty of culture, enrich themselves, and understand the true meaning of learning.

Xinhua Academy is beautiful. The educational power of a beautiful campus for children is unlimited. Beauty helps children broaden their minds and builds a positive and rich spiritual world. Beauty exercises our souls and boosts our morale, helping us find meaning in life.

When a school matures, it has a unique character. It is this character that will attract future generations of scholars to gather and learn together. A beautiful campus promotes a wonderful learning experience and a wonderful teaching vision. These aesthetic qualities allow our children to establish confidence and cultivate tranquility.

Years into the future, when the graduates of Xinhua Academy recall their alma mater, they will feel it was a part of their youth, an important memory, an essential part of their lives. They will remember discussions with classmates, sweating while training in the gym, running in the sunshine, the encouragement that they gave each other. Our future graduates will remember what they enjoyed and what they complained about, these memories becoming priceless wealth in their future lives. As long as people experience, learn, and understand, this is all meaningful.

Welcome to Xinhua Academy. Welcome to this choice in your life. Every choice is a process of self-remodeling. Choices let us grow and improve ourselves. If life is a process of constant choices, when we experience a lot, what we have left are our unique memories.

Finally,we expect outstanding students from all over the world to join Xinhua Academy, demonstrate their potential and talent, start a great journey and pursue the joys and meanings of life.

Head of Xinhua Academy

Li Jianmin


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