Congratulations to the 1st XHA International Cultural Day!

This week, all faculty and students celebrated our first international festival, which is the very first step toward our mission: while respecting and honoring Chinese culture and broaden international horizons. The first step to the mission of the school. 

In the primary stage, our inquiry theme focuses on“Who we are "and “How do we express ourselves". Middle school students learned the geographical characteristics and cultures of different countries.  We studied the United Nations and understood its history and purpose. Therefore on October 24, as a "United Nations Ambassador", students introduced to their classmates the geographical location of the country they represent, the national flag and some interesting stories.

On the United Nations Day, students and faculty parade in beautiful and colourful costumes from all over the world.

To help faculty and students feel the international style everyday, the cafeteria cooked a kind of food reflecting the flavor of a certain country, such as Korean or American food. Also faculty and students are welcome to enjoy music from all over the world in the morning, recess, and lunch time.

Our school also organized showcase of students ' works on the school campus. PE teachers organized students to learn games from different countries.

One more exciting thing for boarding students is to have time and chance to learn their first international dance in Xinhua Academy while they are enjoying music from the world.

It was an exciting, enjoyable and educational week! 



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