XHA Summer Camp Perfectly Ended

The summer camp of Xinhua Academy perfectly ended. During the 7-day summer camp, all students were so delighted and surprised at the course variety. They studied literature, mathematics, English language, art. They also had chances to play “financial tycoon” and to explore geographical characteristics...

Music TIME, Taekwondo, Traditional Chinese clothes exhibition, English poetry readings, pottery, fan painting, science magic SHOW, amber handicraft, hand-painted globes...These courses were presented intensively in the seven-day summer camp to those who have paying attention to XHA development, in the way that scattered pearls clustered together, were so bright and attracting.

Next, please enjoy highlights of the closing ceremony.

Instructor: Li Yiyun

Performers: Cai Tianle, Ying Weiye, Geng Zihan, Wang Xinrui

Performers danced at the rhythm which sounds like flowing water, reflecting their inner world vividly.  With the pace up and down, the music found an echo in the hearts of audience.

Instructor: Chang Renjie

Performers: Chen Rui, Zhang Tongshuai, Liu Jiawei, Zhang Zihao and other 3 students

Forward kick, downward split, tick-and-kick, downward straddle...together with etiquette, sense of shame, self-regulation and perseverance, they all embraced the spirits of this Taekwondo team.  Not to win or lose, only to achieve their best self.

Instructor: Zhu Yadi

Performers: Xu Ziyi, Geng Zihan, Shi Bowen, Wan Ruihua and other 7 students

Performers gave a big surprise to audience when they appeared on the stage after the music played with moonlight and snow in the background. Wearing Han-styled clothes, these performers on the stage seemingly to revive traditional culture with their own efforts.  "No to say that we have not enough clothes, for i will share my garment." The audience were not only shocked by the beauty of Han-styled clothes itself, but also touched by the children's love toward the Chinese culture.

Instructor: Zhao Xiufang

Performers: Wang Yuheng, Ying Weiye, Juno

Combining playing and study. Successful education lies to the way that students study. We have been committed to exploring the most interesting and effective way to educate to fully mobilize students' enthusiasm in learning. That's way children were provided with chances to play the role of a teacher, making scientific magic games. In this way they were impressive about what they had just learn t.

Instructor: Dai Jingjing

Performer: junior high school students

It's so wonderful that in the summer days students read poems of William Butler Yeats, recalling their own experiences about youth, friendship and funny or moving stories.  This is the best and most surprising gift for parents and teachers from the groups of children here.

Instructor: Zhang Ai, Wang Jiang

Performers: senior High School students

Some high school students brought us a beautiful English presentation. They presented how a world citizen can be with their fluent English and confidence.  

The art works on display were produced by these students here in only seven days, providing us a perspective to surprise how these initiative they are. Pottery, amber, painted fans, hand-made globes ... these works of imagination and logic thinking is their most lovely and sincere interpretation of the world. Thanks to these children, we still see the pure and nice side of the world.

The Italian sculptor Michelangelo left a well-known quote, "C'e una statua nascosta in ogni pietra." To put it in English, "There is a statue in every stone." It is true In the eyes of teachers in Xinhua Academy.  Like a piece of jade, each child develops with unlimited potential.

We cherish their innocence while we educate them in a correct way. We establish a series of codes of conduct, guide them to learn knowledge while keeping their natural integrity and develop their independence. This presentation is a chance to show the students' hidden texture, which will be good to their further development.

Parents coming to attend the closing ceremony relieved to witness development through their kids' works and performance. This can be judged in their eyes.

Here the platform is provided for their development, ensuring every child develops according to his or her talents. Tomorrow these children will have a bright future. Adhering XHA educational philosophy we believe that these lovely students will experience better development and will embrace a better future.



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