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Xinhua Academy "Art Carnival" | "Art" Fantasy, Students' Art Works Exhibition


Good art

is not only created for the times or people

It represents the eternal vitality of human heart

The individuality of art

In the resonance of human nature

it has produced the classic value through time and space

It becomes eternity

Art exhibition has always been a special way for artists to communicate with the public. With the changes of the times, today's art exhibition is not only a way of communication between the two, but also increasingly become a "spiritual card" to show the style of a certain region. This art exhibition, the students of Xinhua public school, not only pursue simple visual sensory stimulation, but also use works with artistic content support to open up your and my perception and imagination of the world.

1、Tribute to the classic

Classics are the model and model in our art study, which can not be ignored or forgotten. In the "Temple" of art, we communicate with classic works with godliness, zero distance, interpret the subtleties of the original works, and actively understand and absorb the nutrition of the classics.

《无珍珠耳环的少女》 徐子毅MUSK/G7双语部





《妇人》钟梓墨JERRY /G8国际融合部

《波普女郎》孙思瑶DEBORAH /G9国际融合部

《假面歌姬》王婧妤OLIVIA /G10国际融合部


3、Landscape Lyric

We live in nature, then meet nature, familiar with nature, and finally revel in nature, create nature.

《极光》BROOKE /G7国际融合部

《孤帆》张涵琳AMY /G7国际融合部

《孤船》徐毅恒JOHN /G8国际融合部

《星空下的母亲和我》付文豪KERRY/ G8国际融合部

《昼》应炜烨WINNE /G10国际融合部

《初》赵牛源HANK、王婧妤OLIVIA / G9、10国际融合部

《枫》包煜祥SEAN / G7国际融合部


《田野》王芯蕊VIVI /G10国际融合部

4、Creative graphics

Observe the world with your eyes, extract ideas with your mind, and create with your hands. The use of graphics for creativity is already an "international" language for delivering information. Students should gradually master the simple and effective elements to express the profound content, express the design theme clearly and accurately, and make "creativity" become our daily thinking habits.


《摩登女郎》丁文婷 /G7双语部

《蟹的联想》金儁容JUNO /G8国际融合部

《HER EYES》何沐馨LEAH /G9国际融合部


《机械木偶》郭海霄HERSHEL /G10国际融合部

《创意-瓷》陈露薇LULU /G10国际融合部

《创意-独鸟朝凤》王婧妤OLIVIA /G10国际融合部

《灯饰设计-蛋糕纸》徐静宜RITA /G9国际融合部

《纽扣盘》谢浩龙TOM /G10国际融合部

《金巢》陈露薇LULU /G10国际融合部

《灯饰设计-传统》王婧妤OLIVIA /G10国际融合部

《变废为宝-婚纱服饰设计》余弦MURPHY /G10国际融合部

《青春与衰老》阮文浩RANDY /G10国际融合部

5、Emotional expression

Emotion is a general term for a series of subjective cognitive experiences. The core purpose of life is self-expression. As long as we have the idea of expressing ourselves, we will naturally have the thinking related to it. What we want to express is the different emotional perception brought about by different art forms in the change of brush strokes with emotions.

《苦涩》石博文KEVIN /G8国际融合部

《梦境》付文豪KERRY /G8国际融合部

李怡云 Yori

We are brought together by art

Art is never for you to understand

but for you to perceive

If you insist on trying to define art

and summarize it

Then art will only disappear like water

You just need to walk in

The rest

Just give it to perception


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