XHA2019 International Book Fair:A Salon of Literature and Ideas

Every year a good number of international activities take place at Xinhua to broaden students' horizon out of their classes. We are lucky to invite the Shanghai Shuying Cultural Comunications Co. Ltd. to organize an international book fair of 3.5 days in the school library.

There will be 5,000 books on display including popular book series like Dog Man,Geronimo Stilton,Bad Guys,Mighty Robot,Nate,My Weirder School,Lego,Starwars,Captain Underpants and Baby-Sitters Club.  These books were published by Scholastic, Oxford University Press, Harpercollins, Penguin Books, DorlingKindersley, National Geographic, Greenland among other renowned publishing houses.

Here you will be provided an opportunity to experience the very miracle followed by great sorrow as the main characters do in The Journey by the Italian writer Francesca Sanna, and you will be fascinated by the fantasy narrated in Mark Blake's Is This the Real Life?: The Untold Story of Queen. Also you cannot help ponder over something in the book, Havboka. We still believe in and look for light although we feel sorry about darkness. Readers, among magics and realism, will explore the  the end of story in the eternal theme of time. Through the books on display readers know what are happening in the world. A book is a micro-society.

These books of foreign languages bring children to outside world and to echo the world while benefits children in developing thinking modes.

Let's be close to books which enable children to think and explore.



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