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Xinhua Academy "Literary Journey"丨《Listen to rhyme》—— Students' Literature Works Collection


Literature is power

It soothes the soul

Literature is idea

It weaves dreams

Literature is art

It creates eternity

Take a journey of literature

Hear the sound of rhyme

Chinese literature is developing through the long river of time and space. Historical prose records the turmoil of the pre-Qin period. Parallel prose describes the chaos and bloodshed of the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Poetry praises the Tang Dynasty and Ci Poetry sings the song of the Song Dynasty. During modern and contemporary times, Chinese literature has shed its rhetoric, and instead of focusing on neat and tonal patterns, it uses diverse genres and contents to imitate environment, depict the world and interpret life. All of these are reflected by "rhyme". Rhyme is not only a harmonious and pleasant sound, but also a flavor of interest, attitude, ideas and character.

Secondary school students of all grades in the International Integration Department of Xinhua Academy, through one year of Chinese lessons, sing freely with poetry, travel far and wide within travel notes, experience drama life through scripts, and create wonderful essays. Gather inspiration, wisdom and imagination, let's hear the sound of rhyme.

Poetry · Sing Freely

Poetry is a kind of highly condensed literature with full emotion, distinctive rhythm and melodious voice. Why not use poetry to sing freely? Why not use poetry to express your voice deep down in your heart?

After learning the unit of poetry, Grade 10 students can understand the development, changes and stage characteristics of poetry, gradually learn to appreciate poetry in combination with the poet's background, and create their own poetry. Let them take us to their heart.

Travel Notes · Travel Far and Wide

Read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles. If you only read books and don't go far away, how can you get inspiration and understanding? The travel notes conceived after traveling far away, is a review of the journey, a sketch of the scenery and an expression of the emotions.

Grade 7,8 students use the concept of "context" to analyze the "viewpoint" of the travel writer's creation. After the unit learning, students gradually master the writing techniques of travel notes, and write down what they saw, heard and felt on the journey with beautiful words.

Script · Life in Play

Life is like a play and the play is from life. The world in the script may be the life you want. Writing a script is like experiencing different lives.

In the movie script unit, Grade 9 students are introduced to movie script analyzing, micro-film screenwriting and film sequel screenwriting for the first time. They brainstorm and create a dramatic script with twists and turns but no loss of logic, which originates from life but is higher than life.

Essays · Write Like An Angel

Essay is about taking notes with eclectic, short and pithy words. You can talk about cultural knowledge, academic views, or comments on the world. To enlighten one's mind and make one think deeply is the purpose of the essays.

Students of each grade will do essay exercises regularly. They will write propositions according to the requirements, or express their own opinions on the different topics. After a school year of exercises, they write like an angel.

Teacher's Words:

Literature is a window to know yourself and perceive the world. Open this window, what 's waiting for you is the vast mountains and rivers, human's life, philosophy, wisdom and endless imagination and creation. I hope you and I can find ourselves in the world of literature.

——卜秦仕娜 Sheena





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