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A Letter to Parents

Dear parents:

Things turn green with the spring breeze and Xinhua students values every minute. The winter vocation which is unprecedented long due to the corona virus is about to come to an end. According to the unified arrangement of the educational government, combined with the overall school considerations,students will return to the school campus. During this special period, parents support co-education school by overcoming difficulties and urging children to learn,which maximized the efficiency of online teaching. Here, the school wants to extend great thanks to you all: Thank you for what you have done to support school epidemic prevention and teaching work!

As students are about to return to school, we make the following warm tips for you. Please read them carefully so that students make full preparations to return to school.

School Arrangements

1、Time Arrangement

Grade 8 students are scheduled to expected to return to school on April 20. Other arrangements are as follows:

2、School Arrival Report Process

Step 1 Greet the students

Responsible Person: Jessie Wu (at the south school gate)

After taking the transportation to the school gate, parents withdrawing outside the warning area designated, students should wait in line in the designated area outside the school gate, wearing a mask. Students should stay more than 1 meter from each other, and disinfect their soles and luggage.

Step 2 Take temperature

Responsible Person: Wang Linlin( at the south school gate, close to the Temperature Re-taking Point)

The teachers and security guards are on duty to maintain the queuing order while the school doctor measures the body temperature of the students and disinfects their hands. Those with abnormal body temperature will be asked to enter the special room to measure the temperature again.

Step 3 Students enter school

Responsible Person: Each homeroom teacher ( at the square in front of the south school gate)

homeroom teachers reviews the student information, and collects the " Past 14 Days Travel Records ", "Commitment for For Schooling" and students’ Health Code. Qualified students will enter the school.

Step 4 Accommodation arrangement

Responsible Person: Yan Minglong in the Building 8

Students will be led by life teachers to the dormitory and get their temperature taken again.Only when they have passed the qualification can they enter the dormitory. Otherwise they will have to stay in the Observation Room to take the temperature again.

3、Disinfection and Temperature Measurement

After the semester starts, special personnel are responsible for each area of the school. The teacher in charge measures body temperature every day and registers to enter the campus. Every day, the logistics will sterilize the key places such as the inside and outside of the school gate, the teaching building, the dormitory, the functional classrooms, the washing rooms, etc. The classrooms will be ventilated throughout the day; the school ensures that students exercise for the total amount of time each day and cancels large gatherings.

4、Study and School Life Arrangements

After school entry, students go into respective teaching buildings along the designated route. One person, one desk. Each person must wear a mask. Standardize the implementation of morning inspection, afternoon and evening inspection and daily registration mast be done. In the morning, afternoon, and evening inspections, homeroom teachers organizes students to line up in order to measure body temperature at the door of the classroom (maintain a distance of 1 meter). After the student entering the classroom, homeroom teacher will review and collect the student commitment letter, health condition registration.

If a student feels unwell during the class, a fever, cough and other symptoms, the class teacher will immediately contact the homeroom teacher and report to the leaders at the grade and school level so that the school may conduct further transfer isolation, questioning, and research judgment. If there are related suspected symptoms, the relevant teachers or leaders in charge will contact the designated hospital to pick up the doctor and communicate with the parents in time.

If a student feels unwell in the bedroom, he or she should report to the life teacher immediately who must report to the school immediately. Accordingly the school further transfers isolation, inquiries, and judgments. If there are related suspected symptoms, the relevant teachers or leaders in charge will contact the designated hospital to pick up the doctor and communicate with the parents in time.

Different dining times. All must go to the cafeteria according to the designated route. The distance between the queues is not less than 1 meter. Wash your hands before getting your the meals in order. All should be seated with the same direction during eating. No talking during eating.

Students Preparations

When returning to school, students uniformly wear masks at 1 meter distance to line up for body temperature monitoring and do not gather or stay at the school gate. Due to enclosed management after their arrival, parents are not allowed to deliver things, meals, etc.

Schooling on the First Day:

1、8: 00 normal education within each class.

2、One-day epidemic drill.

(Students do activities at different time within respective areas; Washing rooms be used at different time; Exercise of how to enter the cafeteria and get meals)

3、Safety and health education. (How to keep safe in eating and doing activities during class intervals)

4、Cleanliness education. (Garbage classification, correct wearing and disposal of masks, method of preventing the new coronary pneumonia)

5、Mental health education. (Psychological Care Course "Relax and Active Anti-epidemic")

6、Habits development education.

Parents Preparations

1、On the eve of the start of school, please sign The Past 14 Days Travel Records, The Commitment for Schooling,ensuring all information within is genuine. Please also be sure to be truthful and accurate when you apply for the "Health Code" on behalf of your child and fill in the child's health information. The school will accurately determine the normal returnees according to the "Judgment Criteria for New Coronary Pneumonia Risk Groups of Students and Staff in Anhui Province". If the child is temporarily unable to return to school or asks for leave due to illness after school starts, the school will also arrange teachers to provide targeted counseling and supplementary lessons to ensure that the child completes the learning tasks in time.

2、Students are advised to be sent to school by parents with their own cars other than public transportation. If you will ride to school, be sure to wear a mask throughout the journey to protect yourself.

3、After school resuming, parents should continue to monitor daily your child’s temperature (primary students), without perfunctory or concealment. Please do not stop no matter at home or school nor when you are on the way to school or home. Ask students not to gather, nor to eat outside, nor to attend a party or gathering on the weekend. Try not to contact with others. If there is fever, cough, etc. do report immediately.

4、Cooperate with the school after class resumption, remind students to do home activities, to strike a balance between study and rest, to drink enough water, to do exercise diligently, to wear masks always and to wash hands frequently at school every day.

5、If your child show negative emotions such as anxiety and irritability, then you need to help relieve anxiety and stress. Meanwhile children are encouraged to build up confidence to combat the virus.As parents, it is recommended to guide your child to strengthen the social connection with family, friends and classmates, actively seek social support, and seek professional psychological help if necessary.

6、Prepare epidemic prevention supplies for children. After the semester start, please keep your mobile phone unblocked. If you need to communicate, the homeroom teachers will contact you as soon as possible.

7、The days to study and live at home is coming to an end. As parents, students should objectively evaluate the child's home life and give the them a comprehensive evaluation; on the other hand, parents should try their own efforts to help students to study and live their lives in a balanced way so that the child achieves academic requirements no matter online or offline.

The school has made a set of rules and regulations just in the context of the ongoing epidemic situation,ensuring the health of students and staff members. Therefore we really need parents and XHA staff to understand and comply with the virus rules. With combined efforts of everyone we believe we will build up a safe school campus for students study and development at Xinhua community.

Xinhua Academy

18th April 2020

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