Xie Jun, Hefei Deputy Director, and other government officials visit Xinhua Acad

On the morning of April 16, 2019, Xie Jun, Hefei Deputy Director, visited Xinhua Academy to evaluate our work. He was accompanied by a group of important leaders including Deputy Director of Hefei Education Bureau Lu Changyun; Division Director of the Office of Development and Planning Li Lei; Deputy Director of Projects Office Zhu Weihong; Division Director of the Finance Bureau Educational,Scientific, and Cultural Office Fan Zhuo; Secretary of Party Committee and Director-General of Shushan District Education and Sports Bureau Wang Xuemei; Members of Party Committee and Deputy Directors Zhang Hua and Sun Bo; Section Chief of Basic Education Section Ren Changhong; Member of Working Committee of High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone Cao Xiaoji; and Secretary of Party Committee and Director-General of Social Undertakings Bureau Zhou Yue. Xinhua Holding Group Board Chairman Wu Cheng Zhu, Vice President Dong Chao, and Xinhua Academy Head of School Li Jian Min gave a warm reception to the delegation leaders.

The Hefei Government officials visited model kindergarten, primary school, middle school, and American high school classrooms and were full of praise for the campus environment. They approved our intention to be an international school. Deputy Director Xie Jun inquired about the arrangement of the teaching environment furniture and types of instructional materials in different classrooms. He also queried about material safety as well as other matters and spoke highly.

After visiting the campus, Xie Jun, together with his peer leaders and leaders from Xinhua Academy, held a meeting at which Chairman Wu Chengzhu warmly welcomed the delegation. He stated that our school is devoted to becoming a model international school. Our vision and goal are to foster outstanding citizens of the future world with national self-confidence, innovation, and responsibility.
Li Jianmin, head of Xinhua Academy, described to the delegation our campus planning, guidelines for school management, teaching resources, facilities, and equipment allocation.

Leaders from Shushan District Education and Sports Bureau, High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone Social Undertakings Bureau, Hefei Finance Bureau, and Hefei Education Bureau gave clear guidance and suggestions for us to build Xinhua Academy into a high-standard, high-quality school.
Lu Changyun pointed out after the report that Xinhua Academy had solid building construction, a well-equipped campus, and a strong teaching team. It is a high quality non-governmentally run international school with high standards. Lu also stated that the Municipal Education Bureau would fully support Xinhua Academy in accordance with relevant policies and regulations.

At last, Xie Jun approved highly of the progress of campus construction, facilities, and equipment allocation. He declared that this kind of school is necessary among non-government schools and will make Hefei an international city. This kind of school has been requested by people in order to diversify education. Xie Jun emphasized that the school should focus on students’ academic development, but even more importantly, should pay attention to students' overall development through engagement in the arts, sports, and so on. Xinhua Academy should become a famous brand school in Hefei's local international education as soon as possible.



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