Introduction to kindergarten

Meihua Kindergarten was established by Xinhua Holding Group to carry forward the vision of the city of Hefei "A Lake City of Innovation”. The vision is also to conform with the international development trend of Chinese basic education to actively pave the way for international talent cultivation, and deepen international educational concepts and values.

The total construction area of Meihua Kindergarten is 4136.17 square meters, and the available outdoor activity space is around 1830 square meters. There are 13 homeroom classrooms and 5 specialty classrooms, which are a STEAM room, a Traditional Culture room, an Arts and Crafts room, a Library, and a multi-function room.

We believe that education is the foundation of a successful life. All teachers in kindergarten are experienced, caring, responsible, and patient. Through the care and guidance by the professional teachers, children learn to communicate in English and Chinese. All students can fully enjoy a high-quality international education, get a unique start in life, and grow up happily. We believe that the children of Meihua kindergarten will possess characteristics such as international-mindedness, emotional intelligence, open-mindedness, an outstanding character and extraordinary creativity.

Educational concepts

Meihua Kindergarten integrates the essence of Chinese and Western education, fully introduces international educational concepts, implements small-class education, and emphasizes the training of English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. We are committed to an inclusive environment, in which thinking and creativity play a crucial role to lay the foundation for our young citizens to become lifelong learners of the world.

Team Introduction

Wan Yi  (Principal of Kindergarten)

Wan Yi graduated from the East China Normal University with a major in preschool education and has the qualification of senior kindergarten principal. She has many years of experience in kindergarten management of famous international schools and more than fourteen years of experience in front-line teaching, teacher training and textbook development.She has edited or co-edited several English textbooks published by Wenhui Press.

Li Zhengdong

Awarded Excellent Teacher of Hefei High-tech Zone, Anhui Province. Awarded Outstanding Teacher in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Director of Moral Education. Guangdong Bright Scholar teacher training officer and team leader of Sunshine Sports Project in preschool "new curriculum" design. IB PYP teaching and learning director, responsible for the curriculum convergence of kindergarten and primary school, including coordination, innovation, and revision of the PYP curriculum and single subject integration.

School characteristics

1. International educational concept and international-mindedness

2. A team of Chinese and foreign teachers team-teaching

3. Teaching in small classes

4. Blending Chinese and Western educational wisdom

Educational objectives

1. Develop language ability, independence and creativity.

2. Develop the ability to listen, observe, discuss and experiment.

3. Discover and explore thinking and learn to solve problems.

4. Promote children's moral education and good habits.

5. Help children master the knowledge and skills of physical fitness training.


Meihua Kindergarten of Xinhua Academy is an IB World School of Primary Years Programme.

IB World Schools share a common philosophy—a commitment to improve the teaching and learning of a diverse and inclusive community of students by delivering challenging, high quality programmes of international education that share a powerful vision.*

The curriculum provides a conceptual framework, and allows schools to fully integrate with the Chinese National Curriculum . The trans-disciplinary themes encourage students to explore the world around them and build their understanding of the world and their place in it. Teachers and students work collaboratively in exploring the themes through the Units of Inquiry.

The trans-disciplinary themes break through the boundaries of traditional disciplines, encouraging students to make connections in order to form a more complex understanding of the world. Within each theme students learn and apply skills covering language, social studies, personal, social and physical education, mathematics, art, and science and technology.

Through the process of inquiry learning students develop an understanding of important concepts, master basic knowledge and skills, learn to have a positive mental attitude to learning and life and learn to be responsible citizens.

Meihua Kindergarten students follow four different trans-disciplinary themes in inquiry units through the academic year. We have a focus on the learner profiles and are committed to cultivating positive and compassionate lifelong learners.

ESL、Guided Reading

The teaching and learning of English in the PYP is supported by International and Chinese staff. Students work in a small class setting. Their learning is supported by a phonics based active learning programme as well as Guided reading sessions and ESL support. Additionally, Meihua Kindergarten supplements the learning of English with special events and activities. These may include international festivals, book week and events held with older students to foster an engaging and immersive learning experience that provides context for the learning taking place.

A variety of reading books, such as Phonics readers, Oxford Reading Tree and RAZ-kids, have been chosen to support students’ development of phonics and reading to lay a solid foundation for their future development. Teachers do their best to improve learners' English ability by actively carrying out diversified assessment activities which inform the teaching and learning.


The integration of STEAM activities into the units of inquiry is a key element in developing our students ability to form connections between the traditional disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Students are encouraged to develop a philosophical approach to exploring and solving problems. They are supported in developing a positive mindset towards trial and error in order to collect data and improve solutions to their most efficient answers. The STEAM philosophy emphasizes divergent thinking; all based on Project Based Learning [PBL] with a focus on the learning process and being student centered. Students are encouraged to make choices and engage with areas of interest, to actively explore issues / problems and construct meaning, to be active in their learning. They develop their ability to explore, perceive, reflect and take action.In Meihua Kindergarten STEAM activities are seen as a natural extension of the units of inquiry, Through the steam activities students are facilitated by teachers in developing their thinking skills, social skills, communication and self-management skills. Students are provided with real world contexts and problems through which to develop their scientific thinking and inter-disciplinary problem solving skills.


According to the syllabus of ABRSM, the course conforms to the characteristic international education system for preschool children from K1 to K3. The course includes aural practice, music theory, sight-reading, and instrumental playing, which meet the requirements of the ‘Preparation’ for ABRSM Grade tests. Percussion Magic, Music Fairy Piano, ABRSM Clarinet, and other teaching segments together, are designed to develop children's music appreciation and competencies in line with international standards. Through comprehensive music learning, we open the door for children to the beautiful world of music .

Chinese classics

The education of students in Chinese classics is of great significance to the development of children's moral character and language expression. Meihua Kindergarten has incorporated the teaching of traditional Chinese classics, such as "San Zi Jing", "Tang Poetry" and "Rhyme Songs", into their teaching plans. The aim is to enrich the content of the curriculum by adding idiom stories, mind maps, and a variety of thinking routines. The children are able to internalize the spirit and culture of classical Chinese in a positive learning environment.

Swimming Lessons

Olympic champion Jiao Liuyang's swimming team has been committed to promoting the development of swimming events in society and schools. In line with the original intention of "Spreading sportsmanship, imparting professional skills, promoting swimming development, and reducing drowning", the team wants to stimulate children's subjective initiative. Jiao Liuyang's team devotes itself to building children’s self-confidence in the process of "Setting goals, breaking through themselves and Realizing themselves". XHA regards swimming as a compulsory course. In the kindergarten stage, the first stage of learning starts for senior students. (5-years-old) The main objectives of the course are: swimming safety knowledge, ‘self-rescue’ and basic freestyle swimming skills.


Mission Statement from the IB

*The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment. These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

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