XHA Bilingual Department blends the best of traditional Chinese education and International education - providing students with a new model of world educa- tion - combining national and international curriculum as well as providing a strong extracurricular program. We aim to stimulate children's potential of independent learning, and cultivate a spirit of collaboration and inquiry through diversified curriculum, flexible teaching forms and differentiated learning methods.

The Bilingual Department has determined the developmental ideas of "strengthening students' cultural literacy ", " strengthening “English practical teaching," conducting “stratified educational experiments" , "introducing international curriculum concept " , and " three-dimensional international vision education ". A multi - level educational curriculum system has been formed from primary school to middle school.

During the primary years at Xinhua Academy, students will be clear about requirements as their teachers will help them with their course selection, activity arrangements and planning. There will be no more than 25 students per class so that the teachers are able to pay attention to every single student, minding their safety and well - being, which offers the chance for individualized education. Also, strong communication among teachers and students makes it possible for children to learn better and grow up happily. A Twelve - year continous education at our school will ensure an outstanding life - long citizen.


一、Integrated Curriculum

The integrated curriculum covers all the courses of education、subject teaching and living skills.


Three courses every day, each course educates. Theme activities, each activity advances. Growth record books, each page tells the growth.


Advanced concept combined with international vision. Education from kindergarten to grade 12.

二、Curriculum system

1、Integrated Courses of Bilingual Classes

·The lower grades integrate four courses of language, mathematics, English and art. Inquiry-based learning is adopted.

·Various versions of textbooks are adopted by bilingual classes of primary school to support students learning.Teaching materials are not limited to national teaching courses,aim at promoting the all-round development of students.

·The grades restriction will be broken here since students will finish their task ahead of schedule every academic year. At sixth grade,they will learn advanced textbooks to better prepare for the transition from elementary to middle school.

·The middle school should coordinate the middle school entrance examination, college entrance examination, and effectively integrate learning resources.

2、Advanced Courses

Advanced courses are our school-based courses, which are required for each student. For example, Reading of Overall Chinese Education, Expand thinking of Math,English textbook play, Wushu of PE, Dancing and Music, Creative handcraft project of art. ECP courses make diversified curriculum.

3、ECP Courses

ECP courses are elective,and there are 45 courses for them to choose from. Students are allowed to choose one art course or one academic subject. 4 to 8 periods per week is guaranteed and grading service is provided.

4、Overall Education

·Overall Chinese Education: Integrated textbooks + Accumulation of Idioms + Accumulation of beautiful articles + Reading of different themes + Wide reading + Talk show + Broadcasting and hosting + Calligraphy club + Writing club + Textbook play club + Drama club

·Overall Math Education: Integrated textbooks + Thinking training + Mathematical Olympiad + Extra-curricular activities

·Overall English Education:Integrated textbooks + Foreign teachers classes + English textbook play + Evaluation + Clubs

·Other courses: Student seminar + Extra-curricular activities

5、International Courses

Advantages: First,international courses and national courses are combined to maximize the teaching effect. Second, foreign teachers and students living together at school provides a good language learning environment for children. Third, foreign teachers teach extra-curricular activities.

6、Arts and Culture

Learning method courses: Mind map, Knowledge tree, Stenography and rapid calculation to help students learn more efficiently.


Bilingual classes of Xinhua Academy have integrated national, school-based and international professional curriculum system, and the school-based curriculum with frequent advantages highlights the distinctive school-running philosophy and characteristics. Ensuring curriculum stipulated by the state, at the same time, Xinhua educational group co., LTD together with leading expects in Chinese teaching have R&D Chinese books, expanding the state Chinese books. Through the edification of the children's traditional culture, let the children identify with the classical values, to achieve the cultivation of self-character and emotion. To improve the communication and expression ability , outstanding writing and eloquence of each child.Them it will affect the shaping of their character, broaden their horizon, open the pattern, and comprehensively improve the core quality of students' Chinese.

The science curriculum of Xinhua Academy primary school perfectly reflects the new direction of the reform of science examination content in the national high school entrance examination and college entrance examination. It is based on subject quality and matches knowledge to the study of subject core quality. It not only expands the teaching materials, but also carries out in-depth reform of classroom teaching methods.To penetrate and cultivate science literacy, understand the nature of science learning, and truly implement the transformation from knowledge and skill learning to core literacy improvement.

The bilingual English course focuses on the immersive language teaching environment, understanding the language thinking mode of English. Through the progressive language learning mode, students will be proficient in using Chinese and English to communicate, and truly understand the culture of China and English-speaking countries. We will integrate the language courses of Cambridge international examinations centre with the national English courses, and make it possible for students to improve their bilingualism.

Bilingual Department course includes: Chinese (general enterprise in the language teaching  material/big Chinese reading course), mathematics (thinking in mathematics teaching material of SJ/math outreach lessons), social ( personal character and social character and life), science (integrated with practice / science / information technology), art (art, drama, music, dance, musical instrument), sports (health education/training/sports psychological health education) .

Specialty and diversification of courses are the core competitiveness of the Bilingual Department, and diversified courses (diversified teaching contents, diversified teaching modes and diversified teaching time) are set up.The department provides national basic courses , characteristic ability courses , moral education courses, and menu of ECP optional courses for all staff.


Bilingual multiple courses, from the perspective of students' specialty development need, compulsory and optional combination, for the entire school teachers resources advantage, go to class, small class into a teaching form, to the full display and and periodic examination, qualify for a task driven, the implementation of bilingual department students personality ability to participate in long-term development of the whole course.Compulsory courses include swimming and instrumental music.Courses mainly contains the culture, sports, art, science and language five categories, the existing dance, basketball, taekwondo, fencing, chorus, calligraphy, painting, pottery manually, scientific experiments, speech, English spoken language, a guest activities such as more than 30 elective classes, elective activity greatly enrich the studying life of students, improve the students' interest in learning, to further strengthen the ability of the students' individuality. Every semester of the bilingual department all students have displaying activities, fully demonstrated the children's personality and confidence.



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