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The Xinhua Academy Admission Office (Parent Service Center) aims to identify, recruit and service students who share the values of Xinhua Academy and have potential.

We are committed to a fair, transparent, and formal process to serve different families.

Xinhua Academy serves Chinese students, but we also gladly accept applications from different nationalities, and different economic and cultural backgrounds.

Xinhua Academy is a Chinese school of the world, bringing together the wisdom of global education, inheriting Chinese culture, broadening the international perspective, and cultivating outstanding citizens of the future world with national self-confidence, leadership, courage to explore, and to take on social roles.

Xinhua Academy is committed to enhancing students’ respect, responsibility, tenacity, high character, self-confidence, and creativity. Our admissions team wants to receive students ready for challenging academic courses. We will bring together students with all kinds of talents to help them develop and grow up healthy in terms of intellect, emotion, physical fitness, and social relationships.

Xinhua Academy serves different families from different cultures. We open Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School and High School. We have both bilingual classes and international classes. Bilingual classes will be based on the Chinese national curriculum, with a heavy emphasis on the acquisition of English communication skills.

A qualified applicant should be able to successfully adapt to our bilingual courses, resident life, and international programs. Depending on the age of the applicant, we will determine the final admission results in different ways. Our school will recruit students with unique qualities and the ability to develop their personal potential within the context of a Chinese bilingual education with international concepts.

Admissions Criteria

Enrollment Target

Xinhua Academy is open to global enrollment, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or nationality. Children and adolescents of good physical and mental health may apply.

Enrollment Plan

Levels Age Admission Plan
Kindergarten 2.5-6 Years Age Prek-3, Prek-4, Kindergarten
Primary School 6 Years Age Bilingual Class: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3;International Class:Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3
Middle School Graduation from Primary School Bilingual Class:Grade 7、International Class:Grade 7
High School Graduation from Middle School High School:Grade 9,Grade 10

In addition to the grades mentioned above, applications for other grades are also acceptable and if there are several, we may open other classes. Transfer students will be considered if there is space.

Admission Requirements

Family Requirements

Understand and share the mission, values and educational goals of Xinhua Academy.

Understand and support the international education and multicultural atmosphere of Xinhua Academy.

Promise to support the curriculum and events of Xinhua Academy.

Understand, support and cooperate with the management style of Xinhua Academy.

Requirements for Students


Reach the required age.

Pronunciation is clear.

No specific requirements for English or Chinese level.

Good developmental status.

Primary School——

Reach the required age.

Have the appropriate language skills in both English and Chinese.

Good health.

Middle School——

Good health.

Has curiosity, enthusiasm for learning, and a positive attitude.

Has time management concept and self-control.

English level will be considered if applicant applies to International Class.

Respect and be kind to others.

High school——

Has the courage to take risks, to seek knowledge, and to explore and create.

Has good English and Chinese communication skills and reading ability.

Has international-mindedness and respect for different cultures.

Has respect for others and values teamwork.

Has a strict sense of time management and self-discipline.

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School Address: Northeast corner of Changjiang West Road and Tiantangzhai Road, Hefei, Anhui Province, China.

Contact Number: 0551-6558 6888

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